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Alumni Day on Campus and Alumni Gala

Alumni Day on Campus and Alumni Gala

Alumni Day on Campus
and Alumni Gala

On May 22, 2017, Einstein hosted Alumni Day on campus, featuring an educational symposium, an alumni/faculty luncheon and a campus tour. An Alumni Gala honoring the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1967, the Einstein Alumni Association and the reunion classes (those who graduated in years ending in 2 and 7) followed later that evening at the J. W. Marriott Essex House in Manhattan.  

The Einstein Alumni Association would like to thank the alumni who generously supported the gala event at a leadership level:
LEGACY: Freeman P. Botnick, M.D. ’67, and Jeffrey Breall, M.D. ’87
LEADER: Stephen Greenberg, M.D. ’67
INNOVATOR: James Schumacher, M.D. ’77
SUPPORTER: Allen Chernoff, M.D. ’92; Michael Jones, M.D. ’07; Jack Kanarek, M.D. ’92
DONOR: Richard M. Halford, M.D. ’67; Ted G. Krontiris, M.D. ’77; George P. Liakeas, M.D. ’97; Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D. ’67; James Post IV, M.D. ’97; Doug Simon, M.D. ’82




1. From left: Joshua M. Stern, M.D.; Alexander I. Sankin, M.D.; Dean Allen M. Spiegel, M.D.; Dr. Galler; Mark P. Schoenberg, M.D.; Kelvin P. Davies, Ph.D.; Sylvia O. Suadicani, Ph.D.
2. Jeffrey Breall, M.D. ’87, and Lauren Breall
3. Gail E. Solomon, M.D. ’62, and Harvey L. Hecht, M.D. ’62
4. 50th Reunion class tour




1. Janina R. Galler, M.D., president, Einstein Alumni Association Board of Governors, with Steven M. Safyer, M.D., president and CEO, Montefiore
2. Raja M. Flores, M.D., chief, thoracic surgery and Ames Professor, cardiothoracic surgery, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, with Kathryn Quadracci Flores
3. 50th Reunion class
4. Class of 1977
5. Class of 1992

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