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Lunching in Lubin


Lunching in Lubin

Lubin Dining Hall, 1959: a place and time for coats, ties and newspapers. We can’t be sure, but according to James Cohen, the manager of food services, who’s been on the job for nearly 25 years, Lubin was probably present at the creation—serving up strictly kosher cafeteria-style breakfasts, lunches and dinners to students, faculty and visitors when Einstein first opened its doors in 1955. Lubin’s dining days ended in 2015, following the debut of the Forchheimer Building’s Main Street Café. Today, the Lubin kitchen is used for preparing the food—still kosher—sold in the café. The dining hall provides space for special events, such as last summer’s New York Blood Center drive. The transition made sense, says Mr. Cohen. “When Einstein merged with Montefiore two years ago, there was an effort to consolidate services and reduce overhead,” he explains. “Also, the campus had expanded, and the logistics of people entering and leaving Forchheimer made Main Street Café a central hub.” A few things have stayed the same ever since 1959. The former dining hall retains its minimalist ambience. And the chicken pot pie and matzo ball soup are still favorites.


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